Frequently Asked Questions

Underground Farms is an online marketplace that connects independent farmers with consumers who are interested in discovering nearby sources of responsibly-raised meat and poultry isn't part of the industrial food system. We deliver our products of meat, poultry and eggs directly to consumer's homes once an order has been placed on our site

Before we begin a sourcing relationship with our independent farmers, we spend time vetting the farmers and we administer a questionnaire, including questions related to the details of herd management, breeding practices, health care standards, living environment, finishing procedures, certifications and more. If they meet our standards we can then consider a supply arrangement. 


Currently, Underground Farms is operating in northern New Jersey; specifically Harding Township, Morristown, Basking Ridge, Bernardsville, Madison, Chatham and Summit, however, we are planning to expand to new areas. To be notified when UF is live in your area, please join our mailing list at the bottom of our webpage.


We work constantly to engage with farmers who are dedicated to responsible animal stewardship, and who could use a hand growing the presence of their high-quality meat and poultry offerings. We do due diligence on each farmer we engage with and vet their husbandry practices before we consider a supply relationship. Every farm we work with is within 5-65 miles of the homes we deliver to.

We ask the farmers we represent to complete a detailed questionnaire so that we can get to know their farming practices and determine their suitability for our platform. The farmers currently on our platform are the ones we are using to source of meat, poultry, and eggs for our customers. They are all within 65 miles of our customers. 

We do not charge the farmers to sell meat, poultry, or eggs through our website. We consider ourselves advocates for America's independent farmers, and are proud to represent farmers who are committed to responsible animal husbandry.

We accept credit cards for payment. 

When you order product on our site you will use a credit card to secure the order. Your credit card will not be charged initially, but it will capture an amount that will post as pending. On the day of delivery when we are packing your items, we mark down the exact weight of each product. After we deliver your order to your door exact weights are entered for your order which will generate an accurate charge that will likely differ from the pending captured amount.

Should a customer wish to change an existing order, please email us at and we will be happy to assist you. Depending on the amount time before delivery, the customer may be eligible for a partial or full refund. We do our best to accommodate everyone. 

At Underground Farms we offer all cuts sizes to customers, like small 1 lb retail cuts packages, all the way up to whole carcasses. The carcasses can be delivered whole or we can bring you the whole animal broken down into retail cuts which is an efficient way to purchase food. The minimum order per product/cut is 1 lb. This applies to everything that is practical to cut into 1 lb pieces. The exception are things like roasts and ham that is not cut that small. You can visit our product listing page for exact details. We have about 128 products for sale. 

When an order is submitted by Monday at 12pm we will deliver your order on Thursday of that same week. If you are ordering a whole or partial carcass then the delivery will occur later which we arrange with you personally after we line up a processing slot. If you order a whole or partial carcass, the animal you are ordering is still on pasture so there is lead time.